25 Band
25band is a duo consisting of Tamin (vocalist) & A-del (rapper). They combine a mixture of elements from pop, electro, r & b, hiphop, jazz and trance to come up... with their unique sound.
They currently live in Los Angeles, California. The name 25Band comes from Tus in Iran currently called Mashhad, where both Tamin & A-del have originated from.
Their first release was in 2010 'Vaghte Parvaz (Time to Fly)' caught the eyes of their fans and the Iranian music industry.
On 2014 the duo was nominated for World Music Award at Best Group and On 2016 the duo has won the best Group at BAMA music award.
On John Stewart's directing debut film 'Rosewater', their hit single 'Ye Baade Konak' was placed as the closing music in 2014 for the film.
TADI: A Production name that does all 25Band's video clips editing and directing. TADI= T A (Tamin & A-del) DI (taken from their surnames)